This month we support the Vicente Ferrer Foundation:

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) is a development NGO committed to transforming one of the poorest and most needy areas of India, the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and the most vulnerable communities at risk of exclusion , Including dalit, tribal groups and disadvantaged castes.

The Foundation is a humanist organization founded on the philosophy of action. With his way of thinking and acting, Vicente Ferrer was able to convey his commitment to eradicate inequalities and mobilize consciences, while involving people in their own change. Its way of understanding development has given rise to an exemplary model in the framework of cooperation.

The best legacy that Vicente Ferrer left us is to show us that being supportive people is working for the common good. Solidarity is not only based on direct work with communities at risk of exclusion, but is largely based on the awareness of society, so that this change is significant.

Pioneer in the integral development in that country, the team of the organization works from Spain and from India.

Vicente Ferrer: Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Vicente Ferrer (Barcelona, 1920 – Anantapur, 2009)

A life dedicated to helping others

The life of Vicente Ferrer was marked by several key events: called to the republican ranks in 1936, had to fight with only 16 years in the well-known Quinta del Biberón. Years later, he became part of the Society of Jesus in order to fulfill his desire and vocation: to help others.

In 1952 he arrived in Mumbai. From then on he dedicated his life to eradicating the suffering of the poorest people of that country. His work generated many suspicions among the ruling classes who saw him as a threat and obtained an order to expel the country.


In 1968 Vincent left India. Three months later, thanks to the intervention of Indira Gandhi, she got a new visa and settled in Anantapur. Two years later he left the Society of Jesus and created, next to Anne Perry, the one that would be its wife a few months later, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.