This book is an invitation to cross the border of our personality and throw ourselves into the void of our being and our heart.


With humor and intelligence, Sergi shows how much we deny life, how we spend it building a false reality that prevents us from feeling emotions, living happiness and enjoying the experience of being human.


Like a child, Sergi shares with simplicity, joy and affection the exploration of the inner world to expose all the concepts and mechanisms that make us flee from ourselves, from the present moment, from life.


The fascinating conversations of a music star and his so-called spiritual “guru” on the great issues of life.

Can you imagine waking up one day and realizing that you are really nothing more than an actor in a Jim Carrey play on The Truman Show? Surely, at the very least, you would stop making a drama every time you saw that your partner has left the fridge open again. And also, if it seems little, perhaps there would also appear a way of living with which you could open up again and learn again, like when we were children.

And why am I telling you this? Well, because this is the perspective that Melendi and Sergi Torres adopt to immerse themselves in some of the most relevant aspects of life. We may have forgotten that we live in this world to learn, grow, and create, because we often get lost in the labyrinths of our confusion and our fears. But there is a way out: the path of sincerity, a sincerity so great that it leads us to the “sincericide” of the masks that we have built and that take us away from the authentic side of life. Yeah yeah, Truman Show!

From this opening the conversations (of wasap) between Melendi and Sergi are born, two very human beings who apparently have nothing to do with each other, but who share a clear purpose: to expose their ignorance and, from that evidence, to rediscover life .


There are two ways of living. From the biology of survival, when we reject what happens to us and refuse to live certain experiences. Or from the biology of the present, when we welcome everything that life brings and we approach our true nature as human beings.


Can you imagine an existence away from suffering and fear that would welcome with curiosity and openness all the life situations that arose, even the most complicated? Sergi Torres and David del Rosario invite us to stop surviving and start living, showing us that honesty to observe our thoughts and our body contains the keys to enjoy the pleasure of living free.


The greatest power that exists appears when one knows oneself. If you want to discover it, you must first learn how to use the Intromirada the first Intropoder. This way of looking has turned many people into Introheroes. Some of them live among you. Introheroes are ordinary people who without any effort turn any situation in life into an opportunity to develop their Intropowers and share them with everyone.


Do you dare to become one of them?

  • Editorial: Open Prisma
  • ISBN: 978-84-0913-911-8
  • (Spanish only)


This book is an invitation to look at what is not seen with the naked eye, to cross the other side of fear, to illuminate the shadows. To go into the realm of uncertainty to say yes to life, to the universe, instantly. It is an invitation, above all, to wake up. The author engages in this book an intimate and sincere talk with the reader to accompany him in a living and throbbing experience of observation and self-discovery.


With great doses of empathy and humor, Sergi constructs kindly meditations around the habitual protagonists of our consciousness – feelings, thoughts, opinions – in the course of which, almost inadvertently, that universal consciousness will be revealed where the duality disappears, the Rejection becomes acceptance and suffering in peace. More than a book, a transformative experience in which the true teacher is the being of each one.


Everything in the universe tends to expand except human consciousness, which is gripped by fear and withdraws itself. However, each person has the opportunity to break free and bridge a much higher and more rewarding reality.

At the request of the readers, Urano Editorial reissues this first Sergi book.


This book is more than an adaptation of the movie “Me free: a trip to the present instant.” Inside you can find all the extra material edited to date and a prologue from the director. Since we always try to be faithful to the philosophy of the project, we share the electronic book completely free of charge.


Thanks to Aïda Massana (edition) and Nuria Fernandez (correction) for making it possible. If you feel like collaborating with them you can do it here. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Editorial: BUBOOK
  • ISBN: 978-84-617-8414-1
  • (Spanish only)