When Sergi is asked who Sergi Torres is, he often responds “I still do not know, I’m still investigating what Sergi Torres is and what it is to be a human being.” Born in Barcelona (December 1975) and currently shares his own experience of self-inquiry.


After spending 10 years working as a physiotherapist, he leaves his profession to listen to his internal call. Today he offers talks and workshops that he calls encounters, aware that words do not serve to express the truth, but to invite people to find it in themselves and for themselves.


Currently he develops a monthly cycle of meetings at Teatre La Villarroel in Barcelona and is invited to conferences, meetings and talks in Europe, Latin America and the United States. He collaborates with a section on the radio program “l’Ofici de viure” (Catalunya Radio), presented and directed by Gaspar Hernández.

Océano Ambar publishes “A Bridge to Reality” (2009), Presencia Editions “Jump into the Void” (2014) and Ediciones Urano “Will you accompany me?” (2017) and a new edition of “A Bridge to Reality” (2017).


David del Rosario directs and produces the film “Me Free, a journey to the instant present”, which revolves around Sergi’s message.


His proposal and his ideas are directed to a clear invitation to realize how tied we are to our beliefs and points of view and to the possibility of going beyond all this with the purpose of rediscovering the true universal nature of the human being.


“The vast majority believe that we are here to improve the world or change it. But I discovered that I was not born to change anything but to learn to love everything.”

Introducing Sergi:

“I could introduce Sergi Torres as a representative of the new paradigm, a paradigm that increasingly includes more people from all over the planet with another way of understanding life. A paradigm without good or bad, without victims or guilty. But I prefer to put it another way: Sergi Torres is, simply, what there is. There is neither trap nor cardboard, in Sergi. Whatever you see in it, that’s Sergi. For more than a decade I have met many spiritual masters, international referents, and although Sergi is not a spiritual master, he is certainly one of the most coherent. His gestures and words are a reflection of his light.

That’s what I see in Sergi: light. So much light, which sometimes dazzles. Light, love, tenderness, humility and honesty.


One day he told me that he did not promote his talks because he did not want to “create” the people “the need” of them. In my view, that answer tells us a lot about what this little great man is like. And it also gives us to understand his conception of oneness: he does not want for others what he does not want for him. We are all one. We are all Sergi. How lucky to be Sergi!” treść


– Gaspar Hernández