This month we support AVOLCOM:

This project responds to our philosophy: “we all have the right to a voluntary opportunity to improve our quality of life”. To try to improve is to remember that the earth is at our feet, deepening the root to walk with freedom on it and every step we take, from freedom, it means thinking less and feeling more, creating awareness of our Being.

The goal of “getting better” is to cover the human part that has been left in oblivion and that we can pick up from the deep root of our feet:

  • With wisdom
  • Recognizing the teacher we all carry inside
  • Putting wings at our feet

Avolcom: www.avolcom.com

We are volunteer companions in the movement of a city, providing a space to share, remember and practice Holographic Reflexology at the feet of the walker. As a brushstroke of a great work in which by deepening we can reach the deepest root of the Human Being.

And for the little ones we share workshops that reinforce the deserved respect that we owe them at our feet and where activities such as: painting footprints, dividing them by elements of nature, elaboration of oils for massage in the feet and ending with the Staging of the “puppets with the feet”.