This month we support Fundació El Maresme:

The Maresme Private Foundation for People with Intellectual Disabilities is a non-profit social initiative that promotes and promotes social integration and the improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities in the region of Maresme and their families .

Fundació El Maresme:

The Foundation seeks to respond to the needs and demands of this group by organizing a wide network of services and centers that offer continuous care.

The Foundation the Maresme was constituted on November 28, 1994, continuing the work begun in 1966 by the association Patronato pro people with psychic decrease of the Maresme.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote and enforce the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, to make them visible to society, to claim and favor their active participation and to accompany them in their vital process of adaptation, growth and social inclusion.


The Fundació el Maresme, with the area of the Special Work Center (CEO of Maresme), offers services to companies in the areas of manipulated, recycling, cleaning and gardening. It has a staff of users who prepare their own products to sell, In the sectors of crafts and the organic garden.