This month we support Dones D’Aigua:

The Occupational Center of Bosc i Taller Alborada is where the Dones d’Aigua are made. They are two centers of attention to people with disabilities that belong to the Municipal Institute of Serveis als Discapacitats of the Ajuntament de Mollet.


Dones d’Aigua:

“The Dones d’Aigua, also called Nymphs of lakes or Fairies, are female beings who live in places of fresh water, can be found near rivers, ponds, pools, caves, fountains …

The Dones d’Aigua are mountain and forest nymphs, they live in the water, they have very special virtues and they symbolize life. They are nocturnal beings who like to behold in the reflection of the crystalline ponds the nights of full moon and that the light of the stars caress them the face and make shine their hair or the handkerchiefs of its head.


These women are the excellence of feminine beauty; Are pure and idyllic beauty, her face is invisible, with a deep expression.

They have an eternal youth, and yet they are not immortal, but they can live for more than a thousand years, always retaining their energy and beauty. They are kind, fascinating, always seek to provide well-being, good feelings, something magical, always around the place where they live. They are dressed simple and thin, with a smile of sugar that dazzles those who see them. ”