On a trip to Mexico, at one of my stops, I stayed at the Sandoval Tajonar family home. Salvador Sandoval and his wife Josefina Tajonar are the family soul. Salvador, after retiring, has decided to dedicate his time to work for the Juan Bosco Foundation that heads his son Toño Sandoval. This foundation gives schooling to 1200 children, whose families do not have the financial resources to pay for such studies.

logo_don_boscoLogo_don_boscoSpeaking with Salvador, it’s my heart’s heart to feel his passion for these children and their families. I myself have been able to meet two groups of them. One was invited to the talk that we gave at the London School, which very kindly opened its doors to welcome them with their students. The other one, attended the talk that a group of Youths, led by Ricardo and David, grandchildren of Salvador, together with their companions Javier, Carlos, Andy, Edurado, José, Ana Pau, Regina and Gonzalo, organized in order that I could share some time with the young people of Cuernavaca.

In Mexico and particularly in the Morelos region there is a growing sensitivity towards young people. They are aware of the importance of creating a new world and of its craftsmen, the “kids”.

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