Asdent – Association of Dent disease, has been created from the diagnosis of this disease to Nacho, a 5 year old child who already began to present complications during pregnancy, childbirth and subsequent development, problems of all kinds related to this disease And that make Nacho the first patient of Dent with so many pathologies, which is why doctors advised their parents to start raising funds to advance the investigation.
Still, Nacho is a strong, fighter, happy and very affectionate child, an example of strength and vitality before the giant in front of him.



What are the objectives of ASDENT?
1. Spread the knowledge of this disease so little known both at the level of the general population and in the medical body.
2. Promote research on this disease.
3. It stimulates early diagnosis in childhood.
4. Investigate how to change the natural history of the disease and thus prevent kidney failure in the future.
5. Get a drug to stop ion losses through the urine and prevent progression to kidney failure.