ADAMA is an entity that rests on a fundamental pillar, Volunteering”

A few years ago I studied Physiotherapy at the Ramon Llull University. There I met Antoni Cabot. He was one of those teachers who get to the heart not so much because of the subject he teaches, but rather because of his passionate look at physiotherapy, a passionate view of people. I recently learned that for years I have collaborated with ADAMA offering physiotherapy in a disinterested way to those with irrigation of social exclusion.

“We establish collaboration agreements where both parties are committed to initiate a process of shared work and offer a comprehensive care to people, from different visions but at the same time complementary. We are convinced that Motivation and vital


Accompaniment from Human Contact, Empathy and Understanding are necessary to awaken a process of personal change. The goal is to recover the inner strength, meaning and dignified life that rightfully corresponds to us. ”