A practice adapted to each need.

The Yoga Special Association was created with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with special needs through the practice of Yoga. Some of us started ten years ago to impart this adapted yoga as a tool to ensure that children with functional diversity – Down Syndrome, Brain Damage, Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit … – became aware of their body, optimized breathing, they will balance their nervous system and achieve calm and relaxation; The results were unquestionable and that is why we extended this special Yoga to adolescents and adults.

The word Yoga means union and we create a bond with our students, a connection from human being to complete human being that leaves aside the limitations and enhances all its capabilities. With continued practice there is a sensory, neurological and motor stimulation that increases physical, mental and emotional well-being and that reverts to the tranquility of its surroundings.

We have ten Delegations in Spain and this is only the beginning because the passion for our work drives us to bring special Yoga to the greatest number of families. We want to expand this millenary practice to the School Centers, Hospitals, Associations, Foundations, and Residences so that those who wish can feel the benefits of this special Yoga.