The NGO has the name YAMLAMINIM, a word that in the Mòoré, majority language in Burkina, means “Do what your heart tells you.”

We work, in the field of education, sanitation and well drilling. We rehabilitate and build Infrastructures, Schools and Health Centers in the Municipality of Comin Yanga 300 km from the capital.

Another shed is the Sponsorship. In this 2017-2018 course, 130 students and 7 more to the University. We also subsidize the treatment of severe malaria and we have helped two cooperatives of women with microcredits.

We allocate 100% of the resources to the projects and we assume a particular level of travel and logistics expenses. We travel once or twice a year for the on-site control of all the projects we have done so far.

On the web, you can find more information in the Documents section: Memory, Balance and the “RETURN OF BURKINA”, which is a journal of our trips.