Unconditional love is only found in the present – Chronicle by Curro Cañete

What Sergi Torres is a crazy thing. There is nobody in Spain, in the spiritual world, with so many followers as to be filling a large, imposing theater in Madrid, as is the Fine Arts. People are drawn to their words almost as if by a magnet, as if the echo of their words resonate with the depths of it. Recently, about three weeks ago, I saw it with my own eyes: when I arrived, almost at the time the act was about to begin, there were about forty people outside. But the act was already beginning. What were those people doing out there queuing up, if in the theater you can not enter once the show starts? Very simple: they had run out of tickets. Sold out. The patio seats without a free armchair, such as when Concha Velasco or Lola Herrera premieres. Maybe it is, I thought, that there are many more people than we think we want to live otherwise …

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