This month we support ULU Movie – A Universal Heartbeat:

A documentary film whose purpose is to show on the screens, in the cinemas, the wonderful experiences that happen, when we trust and open the heart to LIFE.

It is a journey, an experience through this film, that will allow you to experience and see the keys, for the moments of change and transformation in life, from a creative attitude, of giving in confidence, to transforming a crisis, into a story Of love, peace and unity.

A film guided by life, without closed scripts, with all the intention, illusion, trust and commitment to life to collect a message of spirit and share with the world that another vision of this beautiful planet is possible from the HEART.

The film shows how the real story of a human being who entrusts and gives himself to his process of change, to that call, is intertwined with conversations in confidence that speak of the importance, in our present, of the heart in the life of being human.