We are accustomed to fear and to suffer for what we do not know and death is one of those situations in life, that despite not knowing how it is, we continue to choose to see it in a terrifyingly painful way. It is very common, even today, to feel so much pain for the loss of a loved one, as well as suffering from the confusion of not knowing how to live that loss or that pain.

In the case of death, it does not matter if it is alien or own, the confusion and insecurity that reveals this unresolved mystery is equally intense, because just as we use life to distance ourselves from each other with our personal histories, Death ends with them and ends up uniting us all in the same place, stripped of all mask.

Yesterday I learned of the unexpected death of a good friend, Salvador. I had known him for six months, but his passion for sharing in all human spheres a look based on love and peace, united us in a beautiful and profound friendship. He wanted to find the deep peace he had read so much in many books of teachings on the mystery of the human. Above all, he wanted to bring to his family, friends and co-workers the ideas that had helped him to awaken a lively and honest look at life. He spoke like children, passionate and innocent, knowing that the only thing that makes sense in this world is the peace that gives love.

When I first learned of his death, I was very surprised and then deeply grateful to have arrived in time to meet him and to know that he had finally reached a point in his personal passion where he no longer needs to walk this world. His passion now has no limits.

The question, what is death and how to live it, may continue to stand on this side of our reality, one of your friends asks me how to face such a situation in which a woman and two children are left without their husband or father. Behind this question again, my ignorance pokes my head because there are no pre-established steps to follow or prior knowledge to help us live the death. Only death can teach us to live death, only she has the ability to unveil the fear we hide behind our fragile version of life. Only death can show us that it does not kill, it transforms.

Our difficulty in discovering the world behind it is because we make it responsible for our pain, our emptiness and our loneliness that seems to leave in its path, but by now we know that said pain, said Emptiness and solitude are there day after day accompanying us, being masked by our way of life.


Salvador has not left a void, has left a great legacy of peace to be traveled. Thanks friend.