Interview with Sergi Torres by Jose Mª Escudero Ramos
Sergi Torres is author, lecturer and promoter of a new conscience. His talks do not leave anyone indifferent.
Your new consciousness opens the door to a path of awakening and evolution in an understandable and assimilable way.

IMO: What is meditation?

Sergi: Whenever I hear this question I wonder what is meditation? Because depending on what meditation is for you, maybe if I meditate, maybe not, what is meditation for you? Where do you ask me this?

IMO: That was my next question, what is meditation for you? So if you want I’ll answer your question and then you’ll respond to me.
Investigating for IMO I have been able to discover that for centuries, the Romans, the Greeks, the Essenes have been meditating … What kind of meditations are there? The contemplative, Sister Lucia told us yesterday “Contemplate and share what is contemplated”, meditation in motion, I am a runner and I go running and I meditate in movement; I interviewed Amit Goswami for IMO number two and asked her when she meditated, she told me that since she wakes up until she sleeps, her life is to live in constant meditation. So what is meditation? Sit in Lotus Flower posture and leave the mind blank, like Vipassana or is “being fresh” as our grandparents did? For me to meditate is to live in meditation, to meditate constantly, to be aware of the present in every moment. For you?

Sergi: It is an inner look that leads us to a universal vision of things where everyone is included in that look, I heard you speak now and I realized that we are meditation … we are meditated by a universal consciousness. This universal consciousness in this meditation generates human beings as a product of that intention of consciousness. Being aligned with that intention is what leads you to be in meditation, your meditation. When I say His is not something separate to us but to an absolutely conscience …

IMO: You mean the Oneness


IMO: How important is meditation in your life? As much as your life?

Sergi: For me in that sense is essential, if we take to the meditation of the images that we have of her for me is elemental, it is the impulse of life, it is the motor.

IMO: When children are born, they are born and they contemplate, they spend the day with their essence, the pure essence of being, contemplating and programming things that have to be deprogrammed.
In the traditional way of meditating, candles, incense, etc., to become BE ceasing to be, you remove all etiquette. Stop being the Jose, the Sergi of today … that is what in other cultures is to reach nirvana?

Sergi: It’s so individual after all, everything you produce conceptually from that experience ceases to be that experience, so stories, information, techniques, management of that experience, is not that experience, it’s an individual and particular way To understand it. Curiously to what I dedicate myself, for me it is a paradox, because I am expressing an inner experience to other people, for me that does not make sense, however in my life it happens like this, then if I have clear that, I allow myself to do it, But if I start to discover how I try to communicate to others as it should be their experience based on mine there is done I’m completely lost.

IMO: Sure, we get lost in concepts. We convey our own experiences and some accuse us of talking too much about ourselves. And others want to conceptualize, Sergi’s theory is … Seri has said … when in the end our ways of thinking are of this moment, maybe in a while I matured my thinking, evolve, grow.

Sergi: That’s very painful, in fact when someone says Sergi says “or” Sergi has said “they are not being very honest because it’s rather” what I’ve told you I’ve heard from Sergi. ” The same thing happens to me, everything that I am interpreting and seeing is part of that lie, that part of my personal interpretation of things that is never true, that truth is never particular, it is universal. And it is very curious because human beings already know that the particular truth does not exist however. Why do we continue to give so much energy to our particular truth?

IMO: And we live in a constant lie …

Sergi: And we live in a constant lie, in fact it is the origin of the wars, it is the belief that my perspective is correct, then we generate conflicts of such magnitude that they become wars or human beings dying of hunger, Only to defend or cling to my own identity, to my own truth. And to dissimulate we do it collectively, the Spaniards, the Catalans, the Americans, etc …

IMO: Then that phrase “Divide and conquer” is a lie. If you group you can also win. You create masses and direct them.

Sergi: Absolutely, in fact there are many dictators that work that way. They try to unite, they try to eliminate the different cultures that exist in the country to be able to direct them in a direction, sometimes they try to eliminate whole cultures in many ways, we have seen it. It is an expression, it is a metaphor of how we actually work from within.

IMO: You mentioned it before, I also say a lot in my workshops, live as an observer without letting you influence by what you see, without giving judgment. Watch and do not pass judgment. The universe does nothing for nothing. Everything happens for something, we accept … Acceptance.

Sergi: Acceptance is perfect but it should not be understood as resignation. Many people understand it as resignation but that is not the right thing to do. Acceptance is a welcome look at what happens and is very active, it is not passive, because if you accept what you are seeing, you automatically join it, and that movement of union, for me, is the maximum potential for transformation That a human being can experience.

IMO: You have to integrate every situation, embrace it

IMO: If you met someone critical before your beliefs, who laughs at them, how would you make him see that there are other postures to respect?

Sergi: If I find myself in that context I would meditate that he wants to show me that situation, if I reject that rejection I would be doing the same as that person, from there I can not communicate anything. When one assumes what he is seeing as part of himself he is enabled to make and offer something different, but the one who offers it, who says or shares it always comes at the person’s invitation, never on my part because when you realize that The only thing that is happening is this moment, also realizing that you have no tools to judge whether it is good or bad, “it should be so, it should be handle” … if someone laughs at what I can express, I do not know if that is positive or negative, it is good, bad, it should happen or not but I do know that it is happening. And there I can see where it hits me and I can discover myself from that curtain, then that situation instead of being reprehensible becomes beautiful because of the fact that it happens.

IMO: Do you know how to act in different situations?

Sergi: I do not know how I’m going to react to different situations, so I would have to experience it. What tells me how you would do it are ideas that are not happening in the experience. When I base myself on the present experience, I realize that everything happens, it surpasses me, it goes far beyond my mentality, and that is where the meditation is and my discovery as being. How many times have I thought I would or would say such a thing and when it does not happen. The present experience shows you something completely different from you because it points to the unconscious and allowing it and looking at it assuming it is a way of meditating for me.

IMO: I rely heavily on other people’s experiences, that is, a video of a trial of a serial killer circulated on the Internet, they arrested him and the prosecutor negotiated a life sentence if he said where he had buried the corpses. During the trial each of the relatives of the murdered hated him, insulted him except one who said “you have made it very difficult but my God says I have to forgive and I forgive you.” For me, that tells me that no matter how much they hurt you, you can always forgive, because that man has done it and if you have, you can. In principle, I would forgive, in principle, forgiveness, I will take more or less. Everything is feasible to be forgiven.

Sergi: That is key, the possibility always exists, even when we concretize it in our own vision of things, that does not eliminate the possibility of the scenario and that is one of the things that human beings lose sight of, when we have taken a Decision of how that person is, what should I live, how is that that has happened, lose sight of that is only a possibility, is an option that we choose and there we lose all the information of the entire universe obsessing and Stay with our own choice.

IMO: And even focus, for example, on hate …

Sergi: We focus on an option and when choosing that also we decide to discard the rest because they do not enter our prism, which shows us how small and narrow it is.

IMO: tell us some experience with some group of meditation, some meditation of yours?

Sergi: For me, the most sublime is … to contemplate as the contemplator disintegrates, as you become part of the universe, where the interpretation has no place, where you can not “sericize” what is happening because what happens is the absence of Sergi, it’s totality. I do not usually share this kind of thing, I do not go into detail, when I was, as it was, because I’m confused.

IMO: and can condition.

Sergi: And it can also condition … I speak very little of my experiences, only when I use them as communication tools, as metaphors, as communicative elements where the word really does not agree, but even that experience that I just explained makes no sense at all. Next moment because that experience of wholeness is occurring all the time in many forms.

IMO: In everyday life

Sergi: Everyday life is an experience of that totality, no doubt.

IMO: And it is very beautiful to live on that frequency.

IMO: What movie would you recommend?

Sergi: I could not tell you one

IMO: Then tell us several

Sergi: … Matrix is spectacular, I can not get enough of seeing it, Disney’s reverse; AfterEarth, talks about fear, I do not know if they have translated it into Spanish. There are many films that from different warlike perspectives, cartoons, humanists, are expressing possibilities, those are the films with which I vibrate.

IMO: A book?

Sergi: Now I’m reading Praise to the nothingness of Ediciones Presencia, a very small book that says what it says as it says it. Very good.

IMO: The last question, imagine that you are with yourself, with a little Sergi, at age 12, what advice would you give?

Sergi: Sergi smiles- what a beautiful question! I would look into my eyes, open myself to love me and say THANK YOU. And most likely, because it’s happening to me now, I’d be thrilled. I also remember that point, at that age, my grandfather had died, and I had lost my referent … he would look at me and say THANK YOU
We both sigh, excited, it is no longer necessary to say many more words.

IMO: Thank you very much.

Sergi: Thank you, thank you

And we fused in a beautiful embrace.