This month we support Stick amb India:

“Stick amb India” is the solidarity project of a group of players of the first team of the Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club. The initiative seeks to promote, in collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, the practice of grass hockey in Anantapur to promote the values and benefits of which this sport is transmitter.

When the “Stick Amb India” team first came to Anantapur, hockey was only known as the national sport of India. However, his practice was not popular with street people.

Against this background, “Stick amb India” saw the opportunity to introduce field hockey in the area as a tool of social cohesion and as a new way of fun for children in the rural areas of the district, the poorest.



“Stick amb India” aims to introduce and enhance grass hockey in the district of Anantpaur to enable Dalit children to enjoy the benefits that the sport provides:

Stick amb India:

  •     Social integration
  •     Standards of Conduct
  •     Helps them overcome shyness
  •     Provides emotional stability
  •     Enhances peer collaboration
  •     Promotes the growth and correction of possible physical defects
  •     Stimulates hygiene and health
  •     Teaches the value of responsibilities
  •     Develops empathy and the spirit of overlap