This interview with Sergi Torres makes me especially illusion since I have been following him closely for some time and I know few people like him who manage to get with their message (and with their energy) to the center of your being. Sergi encourages us to open our hearts, let go of fear and start a transformation of mentality.

It develops a monthly cycle of meetings at the Teatre Regina in Barcelona and conducts workshops in Spain, Latin America and E.E.U.U. He is the author of a book based on the book “A Course in Miracles” and the film “Yo libre”.

We tend to confuse transformation with change. When one is transformed, the changes that happen have as origin the transformation. They are not changes that one has to make for oneself, rather they come given …


On your website you comment that at the age of 3 you began to question your own life “What have I been before being Sergi?”, But it was not until the age of 21 that you experienced a change of mentality through a series of profound events. What happened?

A door opened, a door that suddenly reminded me of another way of living and of being. For some years I was immersed in panic attacks motivated by experiences that came to my life through this open door. I did not understand them, even though the quality and intensity with which they happened were much more real than what life had been for me until those 21 years. I remembered how I consciously opened that door and traveled through it. However, in this convulsive period, my brain did not easily assimilate experiences that were far from their control and understanding.

Experiences such as being aware of a kind of texture or invisible tissue that unites everything in such a way that I could see that nothing I saw was real or material. It was like suddenly realizing that the world, my life, including myself, was nothing more than a dream or an imagination built by mental matter. I find it very difficult to explain it in words.

Today I still do not understand most of the things I lived during those years, but if I came to understand that this was how it should be for me.


Do we need all profound or abrupt events to change and transform our mentality and life? … or it is possible to make a slow and slow transformation.

We do need deep experiences, but I do not know if they should be sudden or not. As far as I know the focus is not on the way things happen, but on the mental structure of the person who experiences them. I understand that the “wake-up” impulse emitted by the universe is always the same, but the way in which the asleep we receive it depends on our concrete mental structure. In other words, every human being is going to live it in the way that it corresponds to live it.


What are the most important obstacles to this transformation?

Fear in all its expressions, sadness, anger, pride, arrogance, insecurity, doubt … In fact, it is not an obstacle that stops the process, but rather delays or expands it in time. One can not hinder the will of that of which one is made. One can not hinder the will of Love.


There must be many people who ask you in the private sessions for their purpose in life. What do you usually answer? How can we find our purpose?

I do not give a conceptual answer to that question. I only accompany you to the center of your Being so that they themselves can see it. Some people ask because they think knowing is going to help them and that’s partly true. To really help us to know, this “knowing” does not come through that another person tells you, but comes because you are seeing it yourself. The response seen with your own conscience “enlightens you”. The answer known conceptually disappoints you, because our purpose is something very very obvious and simple, too simple.

Most seek their life purpose not only to know why they are here but also to know themselves special. Nobody is special from the point of view of the purpose of life, because we all share the same purpose: to learn to love without conditions and once learned to enjoy it. This discovery is what the life of each one tries to tell us every day, every minute, every second.


What do you think of the methods we use to educate our children both at home and in colleges and universities … What would you change in education systems to create beings more connected with the heart and with oneself?

For some reason that I do not know, I am very sensitive to the field of education, but I do not have a specific opinion about it. As far as I can see the methods that are used today are not the problem or conflict, we are the people we educate, teachers, teachers, educators, mothers, parents, etc.

It seems to me very interesting that the people involved in the education system, awaken to the consciousness of its essence. Only in this way will you be able to understand the nature of the Being that is so clearly expressed even in the very early age of children.


Educating, in my point of view, is very close to the idea of accompanying, then the question that arises to me is, where do I accompany others if I do not know who I am or why I am alive? How can I accompany others towards happiness if I am not happy?

Before I change anything in the education system, I would ask myself these questions, because otherwise we run the risk of believing that we are making changes without realizing that the changes we make lead us to the same place as the previous system. Perhaps what is required is not a change but a transformation. Transforming means going to the other side of the form and remember that it scares us. For this reason we may like changes so much, because they are a way of delaying time and hindering transformation.

I have met educators, teachers, teachers, fathers and mothers with good will who try to change the educational system from a place of frustration, rejection and anger towards the current educational system. Imagine, then, what emanates the heart of his wonderful ideas and innovative projects?


I know several people who have broken up with their partner after their personal transformation. Is the transformation with the family incompatible?

According to Aulo Gelio, Roman writer (s.II) Socrates had as a couple Jantipa, a stubborn and bitter woman, to test his patience and thus to be at peace with everyone. Sometimes a couple very conflicted and opposed to you, is the greatest help to integrate a state of deep peace. La Paz is not a concept, it is our identity. Often a conflict situation is the tool that our life offers us to allow our concept of peace, which excludes a conflicting couple, to become our identity.

When you transform your whole environment, it makes sense and stops running from it. One merges with everything. Once that happens the threads of life may move in such a way that our environment changes, but it does not have to happen. It remains deeply individual. Even conflict can persist, but one is no longer afraid of it.

We tend to confuse transformation with change. When one is transformed, the changes that happen have as origin the transformation. They are not changes that one has to make for oneself, rather they come given. In fact, no one can describe what others will live in their lives after a profound transformation, because although the origin of the transformation is the same for all, how it happens is completely individual and personal.


What is the role of meditation in your life? Is it necessary to practice some form of meditation to live consciously and connected with our real being?

If we understand meditation as a concrete practice, based on a few steps or postures or mantras or techniques, then meditation has no role in my life. If meditating is to live in a state of inner consciousness beyond our personality, then meditating is my favorite hobby, even more than going to the “Camp Nou” to see Barça play.

Quite often it is meditated as a “weapon” against stress or mental dispersion and this type of meditation only brings feelings of tranquility, or serenity that lead you to depend on that meditation as if it were a drug, as an end to power Feel peace We are Peace.

When practice, whatever it may be, points to the Being, once this is achieved, the importance rests on the Being and not on the practice that facilitated such a discovery. There you discover that everything becomes the practice: take my son to school, make the purchase, pay a traffic ticket, do the dishes or stop at a red light.


I know that you are present and active on the Internet through your website, facebook, a twitter account and a channel on Youtube. It must give a lot of work … Does anyone help you manage these spaces?

It surprises me and fascinates me how much can get to move through the internet. Sara is the person who manages my cyber world. The truth is that I do not know how she does it because today to attend these means and to attend to all the mails that we receive daily carries a lot of time, nevertheless she enjoys doing it. Now Rodrigo and Marta of the “Project Libremente” have appeared with very good ideas. They record the Barcelona talks, publish them and publish them and they will be in charge of managing the design of all these tools.

If it depended on me, I would surely have no presence in these media. Not because I do not like them, but because I do not find any motivation to attend them. In fact I am increasingly living more retired from the world of networks.


You’ve produced a movie: “Yo, libre” and a book “A bridge to reality”. What are your future projects?

Ediciones Presencia has proposed us to publish a book based on the talks made in recent years. It is expected to appear at the end of May.

All the projects that come to my life always come from the hand of other people. One day I finally learned that my role in the world was not to have projects or try to bring anything to fruition. With this I am not saying that it is bad to have projects or to carry them out, I simply understand that life is our project and in it is always given everything necessary to carry out everything that we must perform perfectly, in its perfect time. Although we have a different opinion about it.


I say goodbye to Sergi Torres with much appreciation …


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