On June 12 Sergi Torres will participate in La Villarroel Theatre, a chorus of Ugandan children who raise the voice from joy and innocence, “standing peace” for Human Rights.

They call them crazy because they are becoming more and more and more dreams dream; Increasingly clear and unstoppable. They call them crazy, because they use songs in foreign languages ​​that allow them to play hearts as they say.
Crazy, because they always laugh, although they still lack many things and have lived other terrible ones.

Crazy, not to be afraid to talk about the unjust situation of refugees, children with cancer also in Africa, the difficult role of women in so many parts of the world, joy able to transform things … and do it singing.

It is worth to feel its fast beat through its rhythm and its drums; and to riski the contagion of their joy and their light.

Part of the proceeds from the talk will be for the benefit of the Safari Chorus