This month we support Pupaclown:

The Pupaclown Association, Clowns of Hospital takes the Art of Clown to the sanitary institutions and those that attend to children and youths as PSYCHOLOGICAL, THERAPEUTICAL AND SOCIAL INTEGRATION support. This support extends to their families and their social environment

Pupaclown’s activity focuses on the constant presence of clown couples (according to agreed times and days established with the direction of the center) in hospitals and centers that care for children and young people.



The clown is the character closest to the children by their own way of being.

The clown is childish, unpredictable, is allowed to do anything even if it involves reversing the logical order of things.

The clown has a direct language that the child understands without problem, because it does not use any filter imposed by the society and the norms.


The clown can speak with the most naturalness of the world of themes as deep as death, so present in hospitals, and thus serve as help to ward off fears that the child feels before the unknown.

The clown, in short, is the bridge that unites and reconciles those two parts of the human being that should never be separated, body and soul.

The Pupaclown work in pairs and go to the Hospital “Virgen de la Arrixaca” in Murcia, individually visiting each of the children and young people admitted to their different areas. Pupaclowns participate in this critical moment of the life of these patients adapting to their state of mind and health, being aware at all times that they will set the guidelines of their work each morning, making them the true protagonists.

They use magic, stories, music … and especially improvisation to create a close relationship with the little patient.