This month we support Marc Associació gg:

We are a mutual support group of parents who have gone through the experience of having lost a child. We meet to try to cope with the pain and help other parents living the same situation.





  •  Dealing with pain.
  •  Give meaning to life.
  •  Find support in other people who go through the same thing.


IT IS TOTALLY FREE: The death of a child marks a before and after in our way of life, and causes us to be asked many questions:

  •     Why me?
  •     Does this pain ever end?
  •     How can I live day to day?
  •     Can I accept it?


ASSOCIATION OF AID MARC G.G, We meet once or twice a month in the Prat Gran pavilion of the parish of Escaldes-Engordany. Our association is not tied to any religion or organization. The only requirement for membership is to feel like loving and receiving help.