This one I support Laia Foundation:

Laia Foundation has been working with the most disadvantaged communities in India since 2005 – dalits, tribals and backwards castes – contributing to their social and economic development through education, health and women’s support projects. It also carries out a task to raise awareness in our country about the reality of the areas where it works and guarantee the continuity of the projects.

Vedanthangal Sangam supports the Laia Foundation from our country in fundraising tasks. It is also dedicated to raising awareness about the reality of the areas where it works and guaranteeing the continuity of the projects.

Laia Foundation:


Encouraged by a successful intervention that helped hundreds of families affected by the December 2004 tsunami on the coast of Tamil Nadu, Laia Mendoza and Lluís Compte, together with local volunteers, they decided to start an educational project in Vedanthangal, Tamil Nadu.

After the death of Laia in a tragic traffic accident, and thanks to the support of the Foundation that bore his name, the project was expanding and consolidating. At present, the association Vedanthangal Sangam takes over from the Laia Mendoza Foundation in fund raising and awareness-raising in Catalonia.