Sergi Torres (Barcelona, 1975), a physiotherapist with training in psychopedagogy, lives enthusiastically in recent years as a lecturer and promoter of a new conscience. At the age of three, he was already experiencing existential concerns and was closely linked to the deep meaning of life, but it was not until he turned 21 that the seed hatched with great force to radically change the order of priorities and put back what really matters In the corresponding place. Far from the solemnity and the arduous sacrifice that often require certain paths of personal growth and spiritual pursuit, Sergi’s message is so clear, simple and resounding that it touches the bewildering: life is happiness, and if we are not yet happy it is because We really do not want to be.

With many ties of union in the background with diverse traditions and teachers, but in a simple way, fresh and close as few, their proposals go mainly directed to the heart of all those people who, ready to take the reins of their own happiness, Are open to letting go of the fear that the deep transformation of our mentality produces us. In this line, Sergi Torres has also published the book “A Bridge to Reality” and has been the source of inspiration for the film “Yo, libre. A trip to the present moment “, released at the end of 2012 and that can be seen for free through the Internet.


“What happens to us is usually what we decide to experience ourselves”


Who is Sergi Torres?

Sergi Torres is my learning space. Someone who at some point in his life realizes that the way he had lived until that moment was only an option and not what he was supposed to be … From there, it opens up a whole space of constant rediscovery of who Is Sergi Torres. Therefore, faced with this reality of constant change, I feel that it does not make much sense to define who I am …

You started very small with the existential restlessness …

It’s as if there had been two parts in my life. On the one hand, there was the Sergi who went to school and related to his parents and friends, and on the other, the Being that gave rise to that … I have memories of a connection with the essential and also, feeling part of this world, I remember Who asked me questions of the style: “Who was I before Sergi?”. From a very young age I had the feeling that I could stop time and I felt I was called to transmit that knowledge … The consciousness of that Being began to blur when I began to worry about passing tests or focusing my efforts on learning memorizing things. I feel that my consciousness has gone from being stopped to coming into contact with the most rational facet of the person.



What happened to you at the age of 21?

I describe it as a kind of volcano. While I was in college, there came a time when everything that had been buried by my personality and by my rational way of understanding life suddenly appeared abruptly to the surface. That’s how I started to remember what was so familiar and familiar to me when I was a child, in a context where everything was opposite or very strange. In this way, my everyday context collapsed; I lost all my friends, my family did not understand what was happening to me … and I thought I was going crazy.


Was there any particular event that triggered that process?

There is an event that I do not usually tell not to create confusion. That is to say, it was not only the event that triggered, but in part it was. I was at a time when I was increasingly interested in things other than what I had been taught when I went to a workshop of one of the world’s most renowned mediums, Marilyn Rossner. There I had a great experience and something opened uncontrollably … My state of perception was fired and the memories of that contact with the essential began to happen like lava seas. Deep down, I feel it was time for that to happen and it happened that way. The form is not so important …


We live in a world full of impulses and with infinite proposals for all tastes, but it seems that we have not just found the meaning … Is it so difficult to find true peace?

According to my own experience, I superficially came to discover that there was a pattern or an inertia, but I did not settle for it, because to confine myself to the consciousness of that pattern still made me feel that I could not do anything … That was how I kept investigating and I I realized that what fed this inertia was the fear of something different. The deep experiences he was experiencing once again turned those patterns around, and at the same time they were accompanied by a great sense of instability, ignorance and fear. That was how I realized it was not difficult, but I myself was the one who made it difficult for fear of it happening. Deep down, it is we ourselves who are behind making our own liberation difficult. In fact, the encounter with peace is very simple; It is only a sustained vision with an iron will. That will often does not exist just because of the fear that that peace will happen that completely transforms my world.


We want to be free, but at the same time we boycotted freedom. A great paradox …

So is. Paradoxes do not have movement in themselves; The solution of the paradox does not generate a conclusion that generates a movement. That’s why human beings do not move either. It may seem that we evolve, that technology is a breakthrough … but deep down is false. We remain anchored in the same point of consciousness precisely because of that paradox; I want and I can not because I do not really want to.


At heart we are not really responsible for ourselves …

That responsibility, first and last, is basic. There are very few human beings today who are open to taking full responsibility for their personal history. We still make too much banner of victimhood …



How would you define consciousness?

I know that consciousness, from the human perspective, is not clarifiable … When you become part of the Universal Consciousness, the definitions disappear. Many times, from the most ordinary human perspective, it is associated with being aware of a certain immobility and passageism with respect to the world, when in fact it is just the other way around; The essential consciousness is pure creativity. The mental-rational approach does not serve much … I am not the one who becomes aware of this essential creativity, but it is she who awakens in me.


How to live centered, according to our essence, in an alienating reality and with a mind full of fog?

Often we do not have the necessary resources, but we always have the will. Everything I experience comes from an origin, and that origin is my essence. Perhaps I can not be aware of my essence, but of its effects; What I think and feel every moment. Of this I can be aware and work with it. So, if I willingly decide to accept what I am, how I feel, how I see myself and what I think, then I am accepting the essence. This acceptance is what allows me to travel through thoughts and emotions until I come to their origin. While, normally, in order to reach that essential consciousness, we tend to reject the thoughts and emotions that we believe prevent us, and thus, it is how we move away from our essence.


To be at peace, you have to make peace with everything …

That’s right, but above all we have to keep in mind that being at peace is not a technique or a method, it’s a decision. We may not have many resources, but we can train ourselves and prepare to take that decision firmly.


What is the relationship of happiness and suffering to life?

Life, in essence, is happiness. When I lose this consciousness, I forget what it is. This is the generalized state of mind of human beings. Thus, we have invented another happiness, but that in the end makes us suffer, because when I reach it, I suffer for holding it or suffer for losing it. This makes happiness, as we often understand it, to be so fickle, to prevail suffering. It is not that we are happy, but that we are happiness … We have brought happiness to an emotional realm, a very volatile and unstable space, especially nowadays. Therefore, whatever I achieve from the emotional realm, be it peace, or emotional love, at some point will lead me unequivocally to suffer. We always suffer until we use suffering to realize that, in essence, it is happiness. There the great paradox reappears …


Life as happiness … How to explain it to those who suffer the most, for example as a result of the crisis?

It is impossible. In 1213, one could only speak of the earth not being flat with those who were open to consider another vision. Thus, today, you can only pose the way out of suffering, that is, that suffering, in essence, is only misunderstood happiness, to those who are open to a different perspective of their suffering. Very few people today are willing to do so. Suffering is often seen as our own, and thus, unconsciously, we possess it, we cling to it. It would be like a teddy bear made of crystals and nails, but it has accompanied us throughout our lives.


Looking for happiness we postpone?

Looking for happiness necessarily means that I am not happy. Therefore, the more I seek it, the more I confirm that I am not. We are afraid to realize that what we are feeling right now is misunderstood happiness because this makes us experience a certain form of happiness, and also makes us realize that we have been mistaken all our lives in our search for the path Happiness, in which we have suffered so much and have made others suffer. This leads us to pure honesty and depends, again, on a decision.


What diagnosis can you make of the crisis at this point?

First of all, we have to remember that we have the power to exercise that decision to go beyond our personality to reside in Being. From that space, you realize that we are not social, cultural or economic beings … See this , It also makes you see that you are not in crisis or have ever entered any crisis. You are simply living experiences. Using our power to try to get out of the crisis or change it, implies that I have to take my power from that decision to be in the essence to fall equally in the networks of that conglomerate of beliefs, morals, etc …


Could it be said that all struggle is a flight forward?

When the day arrives when a great number of human beings manage to take that step forward in order not to identify themselves with any external structure, society, economy, culture, economy, art … will acquire their maximum exponent because what will be most essential Which will be expressed through these channels without interference.


Why are we so afraid and so difficult to recognize?

We are afraid of fear because it is the door to peace or the essential. The moment a consciousness ceases to be aware of its happiness or its presence, the first sensation that arises is fear, and it is embarking on that fear that one begins to be afraid of fear. The way that this begins to dissolve is giving space to the emotions, since behind all emotion we can always find traces of fear. If, instead of fleeing from what I feel, I am moving towards it, I will find the great panic of human consciousness; Not knowing who I am and why I am living the life I live. If from there, I can go one step further, the great step, I will reach the absence of fear; The perfect peace.


It is a process in which we have to face a certain type of death …

So is. It is about detaching yourself from something that you think is you and also, often, it is often believed that you are just that … For the unconscious, to become conscious is like a suicide.


Is there any method to achieve this?

There is a universal method, which is also exceptional and in my point of view is the only one: the life of each. Particular life, truly lived, fully, leads you to the way out of suffering. So, at the bottom it is something logical and simple, not difficult. It is not something that I have to do because life already takes place, but simply, I have to dedicate myself to living.


Is living the unconscious living this way? Is psychoanalysis, for example, no longer necessary?

Any particular situation, whatever it may be, lived with fullness, can lead to liberation. In this way, a person who has been doing a psychological therapy for several years, if he happens to live this circumstance fully, really being involved at one hundred percent, will surely be able to stop needing it. It seems that the method of learning that we choose most is suffering, so better learn from him as soon as possible to be able to leave. When I can fully live my suffering, it begins to disappear …


It is often said that love is the best antidote to fear, but what to do when loving is also scary? How to love for real?

It is often felt that when we achieve love, seen as something external, then my fear will disappear. But it’s not like that. My fear is already a form of love, very unfocused perhaps, but if I open myself to feel my fear, I will be accepting it and I will be able to love it; Therefore, that gesture is what leads me to feel that my fear in the background is love. Again, there is nothing attainable because we are already everything. When you realize that within the same fear is love arises a laugh, because you realize that the reasons why you have been searching for all life, and were in themselves the results of what you were looking for.


Is our interpretation of reality very limited?

Only if it is a bit biased, what we look at can no longer be called reality. Therefore, it is not a question of being misinterpreted, but not directly seen. At the moment when we do not see reality completely, we are completely blind, although you may think that you are only a little blind. Absolute Consciousness is absolutely radical; Or you see or you do not see, it is real or it is not real. There are not the half-measures that we like human beings so much …


How can we learn from conflict?

The key point is to make the decision to welcome everything that comes, whatever it may be. That does not mean that I have to be happy or grateful for a conflict, for I may be very frightened or very angry, but by welcoming him I can see where my anger or fear originates. Then I can use conflict as a method to discover the essence of my emotions. In the end, what happens to us, is usually what we decide to experience ourselves.


How to learn to live life fully?

We must return to the essential. Everything I say is not intended to be understood. There are several ways to address this. If you are really willing to understand your life, everything that happens in it can be fantastic to achieve that purpose. If you are not willing, there is nothing you can give that you can use for it. Beyond whether or not a person has sufficient resources to understand their life, for me, what is really important, is whether they want it or not.


What happens when we believe that we want but we end up always stumbling with the same stone in the form of difficulties?

That is a clear indication that you really do not want to. Often, one of my most arduous tasks is to show people that they think they want to live fully, that they do not really want. In the end, the trick to knowing where we are positioned is very simple … We just have to honestly ask ourselves: Am I fully happy? If you honestly see that you are not happy, you automatically know that you really are not wanting to be, think what you think about it. When we ask the Being to look directly at the personality, the answer is devastating because the Being does not see personality …


Without acceptance can not go forward?

It is a basic requirement. If my life is the place where I learn, what is the point of rejecting it?


What other requirements of those who have been leaving are therefore essential in the method towards a full life?

For me, it is basic to start from acceptance, honesty and responsibility. Hence, the will arises. My will can not be true or powerful if I do not have that stable base as a starting point.


What have been your main sources of inspiration?

In my life there have been teachers, teachings, books … that while I was following them I believed they were “the way”. But when I discovered what is behind the perceptual veil, I realized that all this had no special meaning; Was nothing different from any current situation in which my real method or teacher is still life and what happens in the present. We could say that I have my own spiritual curriculum but in the end I have realized that it is of no use. Now, it was necessary to pass by to realize that deep down was no good. It is not about rejecting anything, but about putting everything in the same place. While you are looking, you will find guides … So the question is: What do I do with those guides? If I am not very attentive to this, I can end up riding a whole spiritual film with the same end always.


Tell us about the influence of the book A Course in Miracles …

I do not usually mention it because deep down I think it’s very individual. There came a day when I discovered that A Course in Miracles was not just a book with blue covers, fine pages and a lot of lyrics, but it was a door that, if I crossed it, could turn the book into any person, thing or situation. In fact, anything can teach you what this book shows; That we are perceptually blind, that the world does not exist as we see it and that the key tool to get out of all this is to forgive, that ultimately it is about exercising the will to let go.


What can we expect from this new era where we are just supposed to have entered?

If you want to learn to drive, it does not matter if it is sunny, cold, raining or cloudy. Just get into the car and you’re done. The encounter with the Self is something so genuinely personal and individual that, finally, there is no context that influences it. The context can help you to take the decision-making power to reach it, but it is actually the will and not the context that really sets us free. The context, by itself, will never free us.


What assessment can you make of the Yo project, free?

For me it’s another sign that when you do not interfere, things happen. From the first day of this project, I was able to see how its process, until today, responds to a series of mechanisms that one does not know … I, the only thing that I have done in this respect, is to offer myself, to put myself in play without interfering. That is what we have done disinterestedly each of its members. Enjoying it every moment and without expectations, has been following its course. Honestly, the criticisms, whether positive or negative, do not interest us too much … We like them all, but what really comes to our hearts is for a person to write us telling us that life has changed. When watching the movie, certain people have been able to realize that they have the power to make the decision to live a full life.


Any message of hope more to finish?

The only thing I can add is something I say to myself; Time is over for hope because the time of truth has come. The time to shed masks, disguises … and dedicate our lives to being in that Being, whether in the form of anger, gratitude or immeasurable peace, does not matter. There is no difference at the end.




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