Nzuri Daima is a non-profit Foundation, which acts through awareness and defense of human rights in Spain, and cooperation and development projects in East Africa. We believe that culture and the arts change the world, that music heals the soul, and that 1 + 1 + 1 .. together, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

We have been collaborating for more than 20 years in the construction of a more just world. We are all volunteers and we act from a chain structure, not a pyramid.

Our “aunty” Almudena has been in charge of putting into the mouth of the baobab, the words and voice of those who unfortunately do not have loudspeakers to be heard, and from her hand comes the story of Victor Mandela.

Victor, is a South Sudanese refugee now almost 12 years old. When he met Almudena he chased her through all the settlements like a true reporter.

She returned to look for him with a real camera, to encourage him to continue developing his talent. After searching and searching among the hundreds of thousands of Bidibidi children, they found themselves again. It was in this reunion where he met his name, saw his squint eyes capable of capturing the many beauties of life in an instant, and began an adventure together, which has only just begun, and today it comes to you in shape story.