This month we support Project Dgeneracion:

DGeneration is a Connected Connections Generation Project.

We want to use awareness as a means to show society the reality of people affected by ALS, generating a more connected, committed and active citizenship with the disease.

I would like you to bear in mind my starting point with this Project DGeneración de Conexiones con Sentido: There is a 5-10% chance that this disease is hereditary. So everything we can achieve will be focused on my children never having to live this disease on their skin.

So we will not faint, nor will we ever lose hope, in finding the cure of ALS.





We will look for collaborations to try to guarantee an economic minimum for my family; With this we hope to reduce and alleviate the burden of responsibility to generate income, and make possible the greater enjoyment of the life that we have lived, as well as to cover possible necessities that arise in the adaptation to the physical dependence.

Then, depending on the resources obtained, we will try to collaborate in medical tests with the University Hospital of Bellvitge (H.U.B.) and, more specifically, with the Multidisciplinary Unit of Attention of ELA.
We maintain a close and direct relationship with them and we will work together to guide us on where we can support them economically, so that in the not too distant future the ALS will become a disease with cure, or with an effective treatment.

My participation, as a patient, is not an alternative or complementary resource, but is vital to my health process, so we will also allocate funds to treatments that attend the human experience of the disease.

Today, research and development are fundamental for further progress and solutions and responses.
In many cases the scarcity of economic and human resources is an added problem.

-Alejandro Galán, Jano-