DESANSIEDAD Project – Fabiola Cuevas

This month we support Fabiola Cuevas, founder of Desansiedad, a project
aimed at transforming anxiety into a process of self-discovery.
Recently Fabiola has started a fundraising campaign for
support those who may require it after the recent earthquake in

“Today I feel very strong for having decided to open the option of
receive donations to be able to channel it to communities in my
have been greatly affected. It moves me a lot to see how homeless they are sleeping in
streets. But at the same time I’m moving and from my experience
this is being key to me, because I was feeling very bad.

I am proud to be part of this society that many times only
shows the negative part. But now I only see the positive and really
it’s awesome, it heals you in the middle of sadness


Ayuda para México

campaign = Donacin_por_sismo & utm_medium = email

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