This month we support Association ‘Canvi’ (Cancer and Life):

Canvi is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that defines itself as a group of people who live the experience of cancer as an opportunity for personal growth, who use their inner strength to overcome it and who want their experiences and learning to serve others Affected by cancer can improve their health. Mainly we are committed to the integration of natural medicine and allopathic medicine. We consider valid and support any method chosen by the diagnosed to improve his health.

Both are currently sick people and people who were sick years ago, as well as relatives and friends of these.

We are a group of people affected and ex-affected of cancer that we have decided to take the reins of our health and to participate actively in our process of healing. We believe that the cancer has appeared to teach us something and that the solution of the disease happens to understand and learn what the cancer has come to teach us.



They are part of Canvi people affected, their relatives and friends and those who show a great interest in the integral well-being of the human being. In Canvi there are people who are using exclusively natural medicine, people who use conventional medicine but who participate in the mentality of which It is also necessary an inner work, and people who combine the two medicines, as well as those that focus their experience holistically.